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Faithful Voter is a program that aims to educate congregants on the importance of voting for their community’s values and well-being. With the 2020 presidential election underway, Faith in Public Life Action Fund alongside houses of worship, faith leaders, and communities, is fully prepared to confront and defeat any effort that seeks to limit voters' access to the ballot box. We will fight to ensure that hard-working families bring a strong moral voice to important issues that greatly impact our communities, such as voting rights, education, health care, immigration reform. We believe the 2020 presidential election presents an opportunity to reflect on our deepest values and commitment to the common good. 



Voting is not just about choosing a president, voting is about making our nation better for future generations. When we vote, we elect officials who will impact our daily lives as governors,  mayors, city council members, or state lawmakers and more. These individuals should represent our values and morals, not oppose them. We should let faith and justice be our guide during this election cycle. Vote because your voice matters! Vote because your choices will make a difference! Vote because you are a FAITHFUL VOTER!

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Joey McKinnon

Florida Director


Od’Juan Whitfield

Democracy Reform Organizer



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